Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your mission, should you choose to accept...

Hello there. We really need more contributors. There are lots of things we want to write about, but only so much time. If you would like to contribute to Arsehole Justice, please let us know and we'll discuss the ground rules. Here are a few topics we would like to explore, along with some helpful links:

Unite Against Fascism doesn't understand freedom of expression. This is not exactly an issue of justice, but it illustrates a blind spot in justice and public opinion to do with political correctness. All too often this sort of thinking results in people being prosecuted or persecuted for "unacceptable" speech.

"Prevent" officers expecting universities to spy on disaffected Muslim students.!/flayman/status/108470225162350592

Met Police issue Criminal Justice and Public Order Act section 60 blanket orders for all of London over 48 hours of Notting Hill Carnival. This is a ridiculous stretch of legislation allowing random stop and search designed to deal with specific localities, now apparently covering entire cities.

A mother pleads not guilty to Serious Crime Act charges in magistrates' court, claiming her BBM message was a joke. Magistrates still seem to think she should be indicted. This is, I believe, the first case of its kind where the defendant entered a plea of not guilty at the arraignment.

Coalition government U-turns on scaling back emergency terror laws.

...And really, anything else you think is worthy of a post if we agree. We may cover one or more of these topics in the meantime. Hope to hear from you. Let's show these arseholes that we mean business!

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